Deconstructing Hollywood, Episode 0: Up.

So I discovered yesterday I couldn’t download Dan’s version of the file until it I got home and by then it was today.  So here it is, our first movie podcast.  It ain’t pretty technically, but they will get prettier as we hammer out the problems.


Okay, I just listened to it.  It’s pretty bad, sound wise.  That’s why we made it episode 0.  :)  Anyway, we promise to work to improve it.

Here are some Liner notes:

Dragon’s Keep in Provo, UT

JERMS (John English’s Random Movie Stuff)

Dragon Tears

Dan Willis’s Page


A New Feature

My good friend Dan Willis, Dragonlance Author, has been bugging me to start a movie podcast with him for a while now.  This won’t have any effect on the audiobook podcasts (after all we’re just going to the movies like we always do and then talking about them, as we always do . . . we’re just recording the conversation), and I can’t see any reason we shouldn’t post them here as well.
Deconstructing Hollywood is a movie podcast.  We’ll spend the first five to ten minutes in the podcast reviewing the movie, as spoiler free as possible, and then the rest analyzing the film, the writing, the structure, etc.  For those of you that just want the review, you can listen to the begining.  For those who enjoy breaking a movie down, you’ll have the rest.

Anyway expect the first episode to go up in a day or two.  We’re still working on equipment, this one was recorded on his laptop’s built in mic in the basement of Dragons Keep in Provo, UT.  But we’ve decided to let you see all our bumps along the way, for those of you who are interested in the podcasting element of the podcasting.

Anyway.  Keep looking here.  I expect it will go up tomorrow or in the middle of the night tonight.