Book Discussion Comment Thread

I don’t know if you guys need this, but we don’t have a forum so you can’t start your own thread.  I know that when I’m done with a book or movie, I like to go out and talk about it with my friends.  So here’s a thread where you can talk about anything you liked or hated or just want to analyze and deconstruct.  Feel free to ask me questions, but know that I won’t give you any direct spoilers as answers.  If you ask why Jurkand kept dying for instance, I’d be happy to tell you that I set him up as the contagonist and Gorthander as the guardian and traditionally, in stories, they fight in some way and I wanted to make that into a running gag.  I won’t tell you it’s because Jurkand is secretly a vampire and Gorthander is really Van Helsing in disguise.  :)  Or whatever.
Anyway, just in case you need a starter for the discussion, what character archetypes (protagonist, antagonist, guardian, sidekick, etc.) do you think the various characters are?  Here’s a list of the Dramatica character archetypes:

Protagonist and Antagonist

Reason and Emotion

Guardian and Contagonist

Sidekick and Skeptic

Most people don’t know Contagonist.  It’s the character who is trying to steer the main character down the wrong path.  Darth Vader was a Contagonist because he wasn’t trying to kill Luke, he was trying to convert him.  I’ll also let you know that the characters I initially assigned to the archetypes were wrong.  A lot of them aren’t obvious.  :)

Anyway, you won’t hurt my feelings if you insult the book or even if you don’t feel like participating at all.  I just wanted you to have an option.