Give Me a Dollar

So I’m going to do a little experiment here.  I’ve added a donate button to the right.  With that, you could, if you wished, give me a dollar.  I think I deserve a dollar.  Don’t you think I deserve a dollar?  It’s not like it’s a dollar your using.  You know you have an extra dollar.
Now, don’t give me a dollar for the fine podcast audiobook I just finished putting out.  That has things in it licensed for non-commercial use.  However, giving me a dollar to help fund future sound projects (read:  paying Carolyn to pay attention to me) is perfectly acceptable.  Giving me more than a dollar is also acceptable.

I tell you what.  If enough people give me a dollar (you have to wow me here), I’ll release the terrible, embarressing, should-be-buried-deep-where-no-one-can-see-it, first draft of the first chapter of Death by Cliche.  Complete with typos, for your reading pleasure.

Giving me a dollar is fine.  If you want me to GET a dollar, donate about $1.34 if you are in the US and $1.36 if you aren’t, becuase paypal will take a cut.

Now.  Give me a dollar!

What are you waiting for?