Still Laid Off

So we’re now past the third week of me being laid off. I’ve received my severance check, but if I get rehired by the same company within 60 days, I have to pay 75% of it back. Since my best lead right now is a job that opened up there the same day I was laid off, I have to be VERY careful with money.
So updates: Carolyn told me I didn’t have to pay her for the recording stuff I’ve already done, considering my situation, and she’s not charging for the Jake Black Benefit Story. But I can’t pay her for anything else, obviously. In addition, now that I don’t work there, I have to pay for this hosting. In the meanwhile, I’ve been hitting my daily deadlines for prepping ahead on the fiction. Right now I’m working on what I THINK is going to be the first novel after all the Echoes short stories (probably starting about 4 months into the schedule after I start releasing again.) It’s one of my earlier works, and I thought about rewriting it from scratch, but I think it might be funner to analyze it a bit as I put it out, for all the other writers out there. Let me know if you think that would be something you’d find entertaining. Either way, Josh passed it off as not too embarrassing to release. :)

As for cancer and chemo, this Thursday is my mother’s last chemo infusion. It will almost certainly be the worst, and I’ve cleared my weekend for it, but after Sunday, every day should be better than the last. Hopefully, forever.