Cancer and Misc

My mother had a double mastectomy about two and a half weeks ago. She’s recovering nicely and the although they found cancer in a lymph node during the surgery, the pathology came back with no cancer beyond that (this report came last week, and it’s the first “good” news we’ve had.) The total size of the tumors was 9 ML, which is below the mandatory threshold for radiation and chemo. I suspect they will still want to do chemo, but I’m hoping they recommend a light course.
Also, I have LTUE next week, Thur, Fri, and Sat. Life the Universe and Everything is a sf symposium at BYU. Click here for more details. I look forward to speaking on my panels. I’ll post my schedule tomorrow.

Finally, I want everyone to know that isn’t current. The reason is I’m moving the data here (you might have noticed the Spacemaster page appearing on the right . . . the credits page is pretty darn annoying, so I haven’t gotten to it yet). Anyway, I retitled this site to include my name a while back because I intend to point here when I get all the data moved. I know my updates have been sporadic, but this is where I intend to make them.

Caroline and I were talking about how to record the Jake Black story just this week. Now we’re working logistics.

Thanks for your patience.