Update on the Back Situation

So, since this affects my finances, and therefore projects I need to pay for, I thought you might want to know.
I went to the chiropractor for my progress check yesterday.  My range of motion is far better.  In fact, bending over, I could have touched my toes if I’d been able to bend over anytime in the last eight years.  :)  I almost giggled out loud when I realized I couldn’t bend farther because I was too muscle-bound in the legs, not because of blazing back pain.

Anyway, for the first time last night I was able to do the stretching exercises I’m ordered to do.  At the end the muscles in the small of my back had a vaguely broken feeling, but not really painful, more like I was working out some damaged tissue.

Today, I felt good.  My adjustment went well, although I had a different doctor and it hurt more.    He dropped me farther on the table and I felt great when I left.

Anyway, they’ve pulled me back to two adjustments a week, so if my insurance doesn’t start complaining about the length of time I’ve been in treatment, things are looking up.  :)

Anyway.  I just thought I should know.