An Open Call to Gamers

First of all, I’m uploading episode 7 right now.
But onto the purpose of THIS post.  I had bad news from Alliance yesterday.  Evidently, Critical Matters, our critical hit book for 4th edition, has become unporfitable for Alliance to floor for me.  Alliance is the biggest game distributor in the country.  Flooring is a type of distribution where they keep you book on stock but only pay you for the copies that they sell.

The problem is, almost no stores know about this book.  When you see threads about 3rd party books for 4th edition, the book is almost never mentioned.  It’s a great book.  It makes combat more exciting, more interesting, more vivid, more dangerous, and often funnier.

But because of a series of advertising problems, no one knows about it.

So, this book might not be available gamestores after March.

This might be your last chance to get it in stores.  It’s certainly one of the last chances for stores to find out about it.

If you want this book, and would like to support Final Redoubt Press.  Call or go to your Friendly Local Game Store right away.  Ask them to order you a copy.  In two months I’ll need to make the decision between paying to ship all the remaming stock to my house or having Alliance destroy it.  At the very least, we can save me shipping.

This is for sale in my store, but I’ll only link the PDF version.  If you play the world’s most popular roleplaying game and want a physical copy of this book, please have your local store order it.

Publisher:  Final Redoubt Press

Book:  Combat Essentials 1:  Critical Matters.

Thanks.  I’ll leave you with the marketing text from the product.

Critical Matters

Criticals are great. Criticals are fun. Everyone loves getting a crit. However, crits can also be boring. They’re just damage. Character can’t bleed to death or break a bone or lose a limb. They have no cinematic impact. They can never be spectacular.

No more.

Introducing Critical Matters, a complete Critical Effects system. We know you like to keep your game moving, but we also know you don’t mind leaning forward in anticipation as you wait to see what the critical is. Would you rather say, “That’s twenty damage,” or would you rather say:

“Blow to collarbone leaves foe with a bruise, a –2 penalty, and the need for strong drink.”

“Point slides into upper abdomen, nicking several important organs and arteries. That’s the whole shooting match. Foe has 8 rounds to wonder how bad it is before he dies. Stunned for 7 rounds. Use the last one wisely.”

“Neatly remove foe’s head. You have just enough time left in the attack to strike a pose.”

“Thunk. Wait for the pain. Wait for it. There it is.”

“Hack cuts foe’s neck. Doesn’t hit anything too major, but there’s a lot of blood. Foe is dazed for 1 round as he works out that he’s only bleeding every hour.”

“Point slices foe’s spine. He collapses, paralyzed from the waist down. He nudges his legs, as if to restart them. Stunned for 1 round, dazed for 3 more. Bleed every round.”

“Blow chips off a piece of the foe’s xiphoid process. The foe feels a slight discomfort under his sternum. Foe has 10 rounds of movement until death. Any round when he doesn’t move his chest doesn’t count. Every round where he moves causes increasing discomfort. –1 per round of movement.”

“Pound foe in the stomach. Foe seems uninjured but foe receives a –1 penalty next round from the pain. The penalty increases one every round until it hits –10, then it drops one a round every round after that.”

“Blow to foe’s spine causes a –2 penalty from the searing pain. If not magically healed, the foe will be able to predict rain.”

“Blow is so devastating that foe’s arms are only technically still attached to his body.”