Big Things Afoot at Casterly Rock

Spoilers coming. For Season 7 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones.

This post is a little late. I've been sick and I'm writing this in the middle of the night after a bit of a nap. So. Let's look at how things stand at the end of this episode.

Wow. It really was a shit storm, wasn't it? Dany had two allies in this damned war. We lost one during last week's episode, and this week... wow. Maybe Tyrion isn't quite the mastermind he thinks he is, huh?

Let's take it one character at a time.

Theon. Well, let's get this one out of the way. He didn't drown. So. That's that. Who's next?

Euron? Well this guy's a prig, isn't he? At least Yara's alive, as seen in the obligatory street mob scene. And Euron gives a nice speech full of creepy innuendo (and then later some creepy locker room talk with Jaimie). Cersei handles the whole thing well. She'll marry him...right after the war is done. I mean, what are the odds of both of them surviving to the end, huh?

Cersei. Well, she's on top of the world this episode, huh? First, she gets the woman who killed her daughter. Then she gets to give an epic, bond villain like speech in the dungeon, followed by a kiss of death like she's Al Pachino. "You broke my heart, Tyrene. You broke my heart." Then she gets to have sex with her brother and who cares who knows (not my thing, but hey). Basically, everything's coming up Cersei.

Dany and Jon. Well. I asked, I think in a comment in last week's blog, if Jon and Dany were going to get married before or after he realizes she's his aunt. I'm voting after. (In fairness, that question was originally asked by my friend Gary, but man, this episode drives it home). Jon basically blows his first meeting with her, only to be saved by Tyrion. On their second meeting, she at least agrees to give him Dragon Glass, if not future romantic doe eyes. So. You know. There's that.

Sam. Well Sam is a healing savant maybe? Or just good at following instructions? And now he has to copy a big bunch of manuscripts? What do you want to bet they hold something plot critical? (H/T to my coworker Brianne)

Who's left? Oh right. Jaimie and Tyrion. Because Tyrion seems to be pulling off a great plan. Until we realize that in taking Casterly Rock, he's left the Reach completely unguarded. (Where's the Tyrell army? Just in transit maybe?). So now Dany has lost both her allies. She better queue those doe eyes up. Jon is all she's got. Still that loss allowed for the beautiful final scene between Jaimie and Olenna Tyrell (Oh crap, I just realized that's Dianna Rigg). So. Now Jaimie knows his brother didn't kill his son. I've been waiting a long time for that one too. I don't think it will matter much to Cersei, but it might to Jaimie. We'll see.

So, at the end. The Lannisters 2, Jon Snow 1, Dany 0. The unsullied army is out of position and without a navy. It will have to figure out a way to feed itself it it's to so much as survive, much less move. Dany has lost all of her allies. There is, however, a Tyrell army in the wind somewhere, presumably between the Reach and Kings Landing.

Can't wait for next week.