In the middle of January, Wizards of the Coast released an OGL for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Being a man with a game company that has products waiting to go the 5th edition, I dropped everything. I had one of the products mostly done, so we went into full on panic mode.

Here is a small list of the things that came due between then and now:

I agreed to help with some editorial work on the Planet Mercenary RPG.

My story for Redneck Eldritch came due. I might have written it in that period too.

A long novelette for another, unannounced anthology needed to be drafted. I definitely wrote that one in there.

It came time to draft the sequel to DbC.

I promised a map to my good friend Amber Argyle (I do all her cartography).

Various edits came back on various stories.

Two conventions came and went.

I needed to keep up on this blog.

I needed to stat the fifth adventure in my Echoes of Heaven setting to 5th edition for playtest.

There are probably several huge items I missed. The entire period, I thought I had about a month of work left, but as I'd finish one item, I'd realize the dealing on another would come up behind it.

The offshoot is I've been working 16 hour days for three months straight. So this week I played XCOM 2, which I preordered, but hadn't been able to play. Next, I'm going to play another game, until the end of April. Then DbC 2 will be due, and I'll need to do a third draft.

So. There it is. I'm keeping this short. My brain is a bit like pudding.

And, uh, down with Wymore! Or something.