A Delay

I haven’t gotten a draft of Episode 7 yet.  Carolyn says there are more than the usual amount of sound problems.  She hasn’t given me a really good idea of where we are with it, but she was going to try to get me a draft by tonight.  That didn’t happen, so the problems must have taken longer to fix than she expected.
So.  Here’s the best case scenario I think is achievable.  She gets me a draft tomorrow while I’m at work.  I come home and listen to it, spot all the editing “typos” as we call them.  Then I give her that list.  Tuesday she corrects them and gives me a final draft while I’m at work.  I listen to it that night, do the ID3 tags, and post early Wednesday morning.  That’s the best scenario, not a promise.

I know she’s been working hard on it because she goes on vacation this week and she wanted to get ahead before that.  We’ll keep you posted on how things develop.