Final Redoubt Press

Just a reminder.  If you like Death By Cliché, and you’re a gamer, you’ll love our serious gaming products.  Go to to see what we have.  Check out one of our short stories (start with Ulcer), or pick up The Echoes of Heaven Campaign Setting in the game system of your choice.  If you’re a 4th edition player, then Critical Matters is a must.  I’ll leave you with quotes from reviews of The Echoes of Heaven Campaign Setting.
“. . . if I had to recommend one single line that didn’t make the list, this would be it.” —Jeramy Ware, 2007 ENnies Judge

“. . . Stunning . . .” —Nicholas Caldwell,

“. . . Fantastically interesting . . .” and “. . . I’m calling it 4 1/2 stars and rounding down.” —Andrew Branstad, RPGNow Staff Reviewer